Build a healthy dream by becoming a healthy dreamer.

A community for Christians who want to thrive in their God-given dreams without losing their joy in the process. 

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Build a healthy dream by becoming a healthy dreamer.

A community for Christians who want to thrive in their God-given dreams without losing their joy in the process. 

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✓ Confidence in your purpose
✓ Courage to take the next step
✓ Commitment to healthy rhythms

The Joyful Dreamer opens for new members this summer

Say goodbye to feeling stuck.

Are you burned out and exhausted from chasing your dreams? Do they still seem out of reach after all this time, or are you finally living in everything you hoped to achieve, only for it not to satisfy you the way you thought it would? Maybe you have a dream and don't know where to begin. 

It's easy to feel disappointed

Your dreams aren't the problem.

You have good dreams - for your family, faith, career, relationships, community, and desire to help and serve others. God created you to dream. It's one of the ways you are meant to live out your calling as an image bearer and follower of Jesus. 

Your dreams aren't the problem; it's how you're carrying them. Chasing your dreams as if they will hold the secret to your happiness will never give you what you really want. 

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A better way to dream starts here.   

What if I told you you can only dream well when you become a healthy dreamer? A person that carries joy into every step of the process because of how you steward your mind, body, and soul? 

When your soul prospers, your life prospers. 

This isn't a promise that God will co-sign all of your dreams, but I believe if you are anchored in a deep, abiding relationship with Christ and are walking with Him, you will experience the fullness of truly knowing God and what He has put you on earth to do. 

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You don't have to choose between ambition or contentment. 

You don't have to mail it in and sit on your gifts in the name of being humble. God wants you to use what He gave, but you have to do it His way. Only then can you live a life of purpose and impact as a follower of Jesus, regardless if your current reality is the preferred dream you have for your life. 

As you follow God and bring to life what is in your heart, you will be on a journey that will open up new dreams that line up with God's dream for you

You will become a joyful dreamer.

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Being a DREAMER will require you to take action.

Having the right framework helps you know which steps to take next. The DREAMER Framework helps you: 

  • Define and live from identity and purpose 
  • Release your grip on your idols so that you can live in freedom 
  • Establish rhythms of health in mind, body and soul (so you can hear God clearly and experience Him fully)
  • Accept the gifts found in disappointment
  • Multiply what’s in your hands now 
  • Esteem the daily over the dramatic 
  • Reclaim your joy and expectation

I want to help you dream again.

If I'm honest, it feels like I've learned this lesson the hard way

Several years ago, when I was the Worship Pastor at Elevation Church, I had a moment where I realized that my dreams on their own weren’t enough to satisfy me. I was living in the reality of my professional and ministry dreams as I stared at awards and gold albums for Elevation Worship hanging on the wall, but none of them made me feel any happier after the initial excitement faded away. They were fun, and I was thankful for what they represented, but the dream itself wasn’t enough.

That led me to my current mission - to coach and teach people in both the church and business world to dream again and get their joy back. Im not talking about simply day-to-day happiness but a deep and fulfilling joy in your soul

Ive coached hundreds of people through this process, I even wrote a book about it, and now I'm ready to help you do the same - pursue your God-given dreams and keep your joy in the process. 

I want to give you the practices to do that in your soul so that you love God with all your heart, mind, and strength. I also want to empower you with the practical tools to actually maximize the gifts and passions God has placed inside of you. You can actually live with purpose no matter what your dreams look like now.

This isn’t a journey you are meant to walk alone. You need community. I’d love for you to be a part of this one.

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