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Believe it or not, the dreams we have for our lives are dangerous. I want to encourage you to let go of your dreams, surrender your lives to God, and truly live.

“Follow your dreams” is the self-help message of our day. In our schools and universities, media, and culture, and even in church, we are taught to dream big, work hard, and find true happiness in living our dreams. And so we spend our lives chasing. 

But as we chase our dreams, we can be met with exhaustion, anxiety, and disappointment. Our circumstances may put our dreams in jeopardy, or even deny them—and we’re heartbroken. Or we achieve them and just want more. 

I want to offer a different way. Release your grip on your dreams and trust God with your whole life. 

As we live a life of daily surrender to God’s purpose we begin to see glimpses of God in our present circumstance, as he shows us that he, more than anyone, can be trusted.

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"This Dream Is Not For You by Wade Joye is a powerful book filled with vulnerability, insightful reflections, and honest encouragement. Having known Wade for over 15 years, I’ve watched him continue to lay down his dreams in order to trust God’s plan. Whether you’ve been struggling with a dead dream or waiting on a dream to be fulfilled, this book is for you!"―Steven Furtick, Lead Pastor of Elevation Church and New York Times best-selling author of Crash the Chatterbox, Greater, and (Un)Qualified

"This book is full of wisdom and help for those of us whose big dreams don't match the disappointing realities we see in front of us. I'm grateful for how Wade leads us into a better way of thinking as we learn to surrender our hopes and dreams into God's trustworthy hands. If you're a big dreamer like myself, this is the encouragement you're looking for!"―Lysa TerKeurst, #1 New York Times bestselling author and president of Proverbs 31 Ministries

"In a culture obsessed with 'living the dream' this book is a needed wake up call. Validating the starry-eyed dreamer and simultaneously challenging us to be rooted disciples, this book offers a framework for navigating the tension between desperately striving, and carrying your cross as a disciple who has peacefully surrendered everything—including your dreams—to Jesus. Wherever you are at when it comes to living God’s dream for your life, this book will encourage and equip you."―Levi Lusko, Founder and Lead Pastor of Fresh Life Church

“I have known Wade Joye for nearly forty years and his faith has never wavered, even in the midst of very challenging experiences (which would have rocked many people's faith). Wade has always been extremely smart, musically gifted, and continues to stand firm. He leans on Christ in any and all situations--always searching for God’s best in his life. In This Dream Is Not For You, Wade shares very personal stories and details of his life. He walks you through how to navigate your journey, know when God is nudging you in a different direction, and how to find hope and peace when God shows you His dream is far bigger than yours."―Ainsley Earhardt, Co-Host of Fox and Friends (Fox News Channel), #1 New York Times Best Selling Author

"In the 15+ years I’ve known Wade, he’s been a constant example of what living an open-handed, God-surrendered life looks like. These pages are filled with relatable humanity, while also being both confrontational and encouraging. For anyone who’s wrestled to decipher your own dreams with God’s best for your life, this book is for you."―Chris Brown, Worship Leader and Songwriter for Elevation Worship

"Everyone needs to read this book! Wade Joye does a masterful job of practically unpacking the biblical truth that God wants you to dream, but to dream fully surrendered and open to His perfect plan for your life. If you’ve ever had a dream die and felt abandoned by God or just confused about what’s next, this will help!"―Graham Cochrane, author of How To Get Paid For What You Know

Learn how to trust God with the deepest dreams in your heart.

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