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From onsite intensives, on-demand courses, to one-on-one coaching. Ā 

The Joyful Leader MentorshipĀ 

Over the last 25 years in ministry, serving in executive leadership positions and leading from the largest stages in the church, Iā€™ve seen how empty influence can feel when your heart is chasing the wrong version of success.Ā 

Whatever you are leading, whether you are a worship leader, senior pastor, small business owner, or a dad or mom leading your family, I want to help you become a more joyful person and, as a result, have a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

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All Access One-on-One Coaching

A unique one-on-one coaching program designed to help highly driven leaders find healthy rhythms, peace and contentment in all areas of life. For leaders both inside and outside the Church who are navigating high pressure environments and competing demands on your time, this program helps you build your life around the right priorities based on your true identity and purpose.Ā 

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Onsite IntensiveĀ 

I'll come to you andĀ teach your staff to bring unity, clarity, and develop a pathway to a healthier culture through prioritizing the things that matter. With 25+ years of ministry experience, I've developedĀ Ā an approach rooted in maintaining a spiritual healthy life while pursuing excellence on all fronts.

Bring Wade to your Staff

Courses for on-the-go learning and self-paced development.

Whether you're a worship leader looking to step into a pastoral role or you're at the beginningĀ of a dream you've had for a long time, theseĀ courses are the perfect back-pocket tool for your own development.Ā