Coaching and Courses

Reset your rhythms,

Renew your dreams. 

Coaching tailored to helping you, as a ministry leader, unlock new spiritual rhythms so you can find fulfillment in your relationship with God and grow a healthy team 

Coach me, Wade!

Create consistency

Embrace discipline

Make a difference

Break out of the spiritual rut.

We attempt many of the same unfruitful patterns and practices in ministry without stopping to ask, “is this working?”. When we experience disappointment, or one of life’s many challenges, this way of life cannot bring peace or contentment. It’s time for a change. I believe that your habits and rhythms should yield fulfillment in your walk with God and in the way you live out your calling. 

Embrace Consistency

A new set of spiritual rhythms helps build consistency, creates momentum, and yields a deep connection to God.

Release Pressure

 A continued posture of surrender reminds you that God is in control, helping you walk in His freedom spiritually, professionally, and personally. 

Create Clarity

A clear pathway for your life gives you the space to pursue your dreams, embrace what God has for you, and live with a deep sense of gratitude.

Coach me, Wade!

Isaac Mondragon

Worship Pastor at Freedom Church

"Wade’s coaching has impacted who I am as a Worship Pastor more than I could’ve imagined. From overcoming insecurities to walking confidently in my calling through practical daily steps. His leadership development has been transformational to my life and I cannot recommend it enough to any Worship Pastor or leader out there."

Phil Vega

Worship Pastor at Community Bible Church

"Wade’s coaching has been transformative to my leadership of myself and others. He’s helped me develop healthier rhythms of walking with Jesus, and from that overflow, I’ve gotten better, not only at my job but in my life as a husband and father."

How it works

1. Enroll

Pick your coaching package and you’ll be welcomed into an environment where growth, honesty, and consistency are a part of the culture. 

2. Engage

Each session is created to engage with you, your dreams, your faith, and your life. On top of that, the work you’ll do outside of the sessions is just as important. 

3. Experience

This program is meant to create lasting consistency in all areas of your life. Experiencing the shifts in how you work with your team, live with your family, and pursue your dreams will be a noticeable result. 

Coach me, Wade!